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Alpha Point was started by Alexander ‘Rush’ Gladky in Chisinau, Moldova in 2009 after his previous band Future Positive split up. The debut live performance took place in September 2009 on the stage of Deti Nochi, the oldest Ukraininan gothic festival, where Alpha Point was recognized as the best newcomer by the organizers.

In the beginning of 2010, Alpha Point released two successful maxi-singles ‘Alive’ and ‘High Like The Angels’ via online label Synthematik. Both releases gathered very positive reviews from various online magazines. The tracks also appeared in various compilations including Synthematika 1&2, Extreme Sündenfall 10, Electronic Body Matrix 1 and Awake The Machines Vol. 7.

In the end of 2010, Alpha Point took part in the Battle of the Bands contest held by the famous German alternative magazine Sonic Seducer and won both the jury competition and audience award. As the prize, the project received an opportunity to release its forthcoming debut album on Out Of Line, one of the leading German electronic music labels. The album ‘High Like The Angels’ was released on March, 30.

The music of Alpha Point can be described as modern futurepop mixed with trance elements and industrial guitars, packed with refreshing melodies, catchy refrains and personal lyrics.

Releases: Alpha Point

Alpha Point - Alive CDM (2010, SNTK-DIG-03, Synthematik) Alpha Point - High Like The Angels CDM (2010, SNTK-DIG-05, Synthematik) Alpha Point - High Like The Angels (2012, OUT 539, Out Of Line)


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