Alpha Point – Rebel.Mix (2011)

Alpha Point - Rebel.Mix (2011)

Yay! This is awesome! Alpha Point just released a compilation of his trademark remixes – something you should listen to if you like his music. If you don’t like, well, listen to it anyway, ‘cos it has some really cool tracks like In Strict Confidence‘s My Despair, Lowe‘s Ahead Of Our Time, Ginger Snap5‘s Feel My Rhythm, alongside with already well-known mixes that we have released like Purple Fog Side‘s Psychomorh and Mezzamo‘s Without You and a few others. Don’t waste your time and rush to like Alpha Point on Facebook to get a link to download this awesome compilation!


1. Purple Fog Side – Psychomorph / We Feel Naked (Alpha Point Mix)
2. Ginger Snap5 – Feel My Rhythm (Alpha Point Mix)
3. Lowe – Ahead Of Our Time (Positive Mix by Alpha Point)
4. Diversant:13 – WTF (Alpha Point Mix)
5. In Strict Confidence – My Despair (Alpha Point Mix)
6. Alpha Point – High Like The Angels (Relaxed Mix)
7. Alien2064 – Show Nightmares (Alpha Point Mix)
8. Infected Desire – My Dead Dolls (Slo Motion Mix by Alpha Point)
9. Mezzamo – Without You (Sparkle Snow Mix by Alpha Point)
10. Technomancer – Doubts And Visions (Left In The Dark RMX by Alpha Point)

Free Download:

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