Dirty Bird 13 remixed FGFC820

FGFC820 - Homeland Insecurity (2012)

Remember we announced almost a year ago that our Ukrainian wunderkinds Dirty Bird 13 did some remixing job for the harsh electro butchers from FGFC820? Much water has flowed under the bridge since then, Dirty Bid 13 even managed to make their own remix release Mix Collector. Now as FGFC820 finally released the album, you can check this cool remix out!

You will find it on the limited CD version among other remixes by Leaether Strip, Grendel, [:SITD:], [X]-Rx, Aslan Faction, Fabrikc, Panic Lift, Vigilante.

On a side note, the guys are working on their debut album and it’s nearing completion ;-)