Felix Marc on ‘Fallen Stars’ (interview @ Blackvector)

Felix Marc

I just came across a very nice interview with Felix Marc at the Blackvector magazine. Among many other things Felix sheds light on how he got involved in the making of ‘Fallen Stars’. I take the liberty of quoting the relevant part here:

Earlier this year you played in Russia with Frozen Plasma and merely avoided the terror incident at the airport on your way back home. How close were you?

Felix Marc: I left Moscow 4 hours before the bombing attack. In the first moment when I realized it, it was a scary experience. An experience that fueled me to write the lyrics to the song “Fallen Stars”.

Which actually is my next question. Recently you collaborated together with Mental Discipline on the mentioned track “Fallen Stars”, submitting your own vocals and lyrics. What is the complete story behind that work?

Felix Marc: One of the Mental Discipline guys came to talk to me after the Diorama concert in Yektarinburg last year in October and introduced a demo CD. I gave it a spin when I returned home and came across a rough mix of the song “Fallen Stars”. It was instrumental, but very catchy and I thought this song would deserve some good lyrics and vocals. So I contacted them again offering to support with lyrics and vocals. The idea evolved and we meet again in January after the Frozen Plasma show in Moscow. The bombing attacks at the airport and the experience inspired me to write the lyrics to the song.

And it seems the result turned out great? Everyone I’ve talked with about it loves the track.

Felix Marc: Oh that’s great to hear. It was a really pleasant experience to collaborate with the guys. And I think they deserve more attention, because they are very talented.

The rest of the interview you can read at Blackvector magazine.