Happy Birthday to us: Two years online!

Synthematik: Two Years Online!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I’m really happy to announce that today we officially turn two years old! It’s been another interesting year. Not without problems, of course, but we somehow managed to overcome them.

In the course of the year we introduced you to the following releases:

Dirty Bird 13 – Girl With The Knife EP (2011)
Mental Discipline – Fallen Stars CDM (2011)
Various – Syntension Alpha (2011)
Whitar – Equilibrium Path (2011)
Na-Hag – Lost Cities (2011)
Freaky Mind – No More Manifests (2011)
Kosmodromm – Будет Ласковый Дождь… (2011)
Various – Synthematika Three (2011)

Moreover, like in the previous year we managed to do a physical release. This time it was Mental Discipline – Fallen Stars CDM (2011) limited to 500 copies.

In terms of statistics, things are also going quite well for our label. First of all, the number of official downloads is nearly doubled in comparison to the previous year coming close to 300000 times. Pretty good, isn’t it? Second, the stats on Last.fm has doubled as well: 12 396 listeners (279 959 plays) .

Many of these achievements would not possible without the help of certain people who has been supporting us: Patrik of Brutal Resonance and Promonetics, Till of Synth Radio Russia, Alex of Rivetzone, Rustam of Synth-Petersburg Promotion, Andyfive, a Miami-based DJ, Jesse Dark Cloud, a DJ from Hawaii (I wanna move there!), DJ Elder from Serbia (the one who organized the first ever Synthematik promo event) and DJ Drln Nki of Dark Asylum (who’s doing great work promoting Alpha Point and Mental Discipline). Thank you!

Of course, we also thank all those who write reviews for our releases, spread our news across the web, or simply download and enjoy our releases!

And last but not least, we thank all the artists who were and are collaborating with us – we’re doing it for you, guys!

Just as a little present we are happy to announce a special pre-order of the high quality version of our compilation just for a very low price of $3 or more (if you like). You can do it here Bandcamp. This offer is valid for three day only!

Once again, thanks for reading this post. Don’t forget we have a presentation of our new compilation today at 20:00 MSK (GMT+3) on Synth Radio.

A little birthday present has arrived from The Scene, namely from the well-known team FWYH – these guys ripped our second CD release, which is kinda flattering :smile: