Interview with Alex of RU.ARE (@


You create the band at 2006. Why do you decide to play something completely different from what you did before?

Right, in our previous bands we played metal. As you know, a typical metal band usually consists of four and more people who need regular rehearsals to make it sound good. Rehearsals, in its turn, usually don’t go very smoothly, ‘cos there are always various slip-ups, conflicting schedules, and other organizational problems. Not to mention personal issues. That is why over time those people we played with started getting tired of playing music. Some got families, kids, others simply moved to some other towns… As a result, our bands split up. When it happened, Anton and I teamed up together. We both didn’t want to bother ourselves with all this stuff like line-ups, rehearsal studios, etc. again. So it was natural that we decided to try something different. Now there are two of us and if we want to make a rehearsal, we don’t even need to leave home :) It’s convenient. Don’t get me wrong, I still love metal and my CD collection consists primarily of metal bands, but I’m not gonna do this kind of music again.

Which are the members and how each member take part in the music composition , lyrics etc…

Anton is responsible for about 80% of music on our debut album. No wonder, he’s the keyboard man. The rest 20% we did together. I did all the vocal melodies for the songs. Arrangements were done together too, but here we are also thankful to our sound engineer Nikolaj Injushin who really helped us a lot. As for lyrics, most of it was written by our good friend Olga Prokopjeva, except for two songs written by Ludwig “Ravenshade”.

Can you give us more details about your debut?

Yeah, this is our debut album. We decided not to give it a special name, so it’s left self-titled. It consists of nine original songs with additional remixes. Stylistically it is something between synthpop, new wave and futurepop. This is a digital release which is to be out on Synthematik, a very cool young label. The release date is not set yet, but it should be the end of October or the beginning of November.

What inspires you?

Well, many different things, actually… For example, walking, foggy weather like in London, Karelian nature, epic movies and their soundtracks, booze, hangover, autumn, black-white pictures, and also music of different genres and styles (if there’s some soul in it!) Oh, and love, of course. Though, when you break up with a girlfriend, the songs come out like more honest and darker :)


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