Interview with Alpha Point (@ EBM-Industrial Ezine)

Interview with Alpha Point @ EBM-Industrial Ezine

Can you introduce yourself and the band members of Alpha Point to us?
Hi, my name is Alexander, I am the man behind Alpha Point. The lineup consists of just me, so music, vocals, most of the lyrics is my work. Sometimes when I play live, I invite a PJ team to support me on stage. Actually, I do have plans to expand the line up by adding more musicians for live gigs, but it’s not that easy to find appropriate people here in Moldova.

How did you get the name Alpha Point?
In 2009 I decided to reboot my previous project Future Positive. At some point, I realized that the new tracks and new arrangements don’t go well with the old name, so a new one was needed. The word ‘alpha’ was my first thought, as I really like the way sounds and the inner power it conveys. The whole phrase sounds quite futuristic and means something like a beginning – a new beginning for me, for my music, for everything in the universe.

What kind of sound produces Alpha Point?
Well, I’d say it’s a sort of a modern futurepop mixed with some trance elements and industrial guitars, packed with refreshing melodies, catchy refrains and personal lyrics.

Who or what was an inspiration to you for your compositions?
Since I started making music, I’ve been influenced and inspired by various bands and artists. In the beginning it was Depeche Mode, Erasure and Elegant Machinery. Later, when creating my first band Future Positive, I drew my inspiration from VNV Nation and Neuroticfish. Last few years, I’ve been listening a lot to progressive and vocal trance and this has definitely found its way into the music of Alpha Point too. Oh, and for the use of guitars in my music you should “blame” one of my favourite german bands Unheilig.

What is your opinion on the current state of this genre scene in terms of creativity and audiences? And the scene in other countries?
The scene for this kind of music is almost non-existent here in Moldova. I don’t know of any local synthpop / futurepop / ebm bands, which is really sad. There’s a couple of industrial metal bands, that’s all. As for the audience, they are also not very active. Last time I played in Chisinau with my ukrainian friends Dust Heaven, we had like 100 people in the club. This is why I usually give perfomances in Ukraine and Russia, where the scene is much better developed if one compares it to Moldova. There are promoters, festivals and good bands to play with there. Of course, if compared to Germany or, say, Netherlands, I’d say that the scene in the ex-USSR still leaves much to be desired.

Do you see the Internet as a benefit for bands like Alpha Point? Does the growing possibility of someone downloading your material, rather than buying it, worry you?
Sure, the Internet has made it for me. I think it’s quite stupid to ignore its power these days, especially if you’re a beginning band without a financial support from a label. I knew from the beginning that I would make my first singles available for free in order to generate some buzz. It has worked pretty well. Not the least role here is played by Synthematik, a young online label pushing forward lesser known synth / industrial artists. The label now advocates the so-called ‘freemium’ model, which I believe is the future of the music industry. I’m happy to be a part of it. As of now, a year after the release, people still keep on downloading my music. I must say I got really nice numbers from Synthematik – to date both my singles generated about 30000 downloads each! At the same time, those who feel like supporting my project with little cash can do it via Bandcamp, Vibedeck, Itunes, Amazon and other online shops, and I’m really very grateful to those who already did it! This is important for me.

What are your top ten favorite genre Club Songs of all time?
It’s a kinda difficult task – I got so many favourites, so it’s really hard to choose just ten… Anyway, here you are (listed in alphabetical order):

4tune8 – Starlight
Colony 5 – Fate
Covenant – Bullet
Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth
Fr/action – Walking The Edge
Icon Of Coil – Dead Enough For Life
Mesh – Trust You
Mind.In.A.Box – Fear
Neuroticfish – Wake Me Up
VNV Nation – Illusion


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