Interview with AxidZenn of Systemshock (@

Interview with AxidZenn of Systemshock (@ Cyber Angels)

Hi Elena, thank you for doing this interview, how are you doing?

Hi, i`m fine as usual, thanks =)

You are the synth player of Systemshock, can you give a brief introduction to the band and its members?

Well, it’s all started as a DJ project for a local Halloween party in 2008. I was DJing and Nikk aka SPCMN7 was supporting my set with a live guitar. Later, in 2009, the project turned into a real band. Now the band consists of Nikk – vocal & guitars, Alex – drummer and me, responsible for synths and effects. Besides, we have a cool team of dancers taking care of the ‘show’ part of our concerts. They are Vir-X-Gore, TinaRu and Atrox. You can see them on the debut album’s cover, ‘cos they are an important part of Systemshock.

What triggered you to become a musician, was it a special song, a dream, an occasion?

Blame it on my “attitude” :) When I was a child, my parents noticed my musical potential and sent me to a local music school where I studied fortepiano and vocal. One of my favourite hobbies then was to play melodies of popular songs on my fortepiano at home :) But the first real step to become a musician was made later, when I moved out of my parents’ home and bought my first synthesizer. At that time I was already into electronic music, facinated by its multifaceted nature. So I played my synthesizer trying to improvise and write something of my own.

You started as a dj, do you have benefit from this? You know what makes the crow dance, how do you use the experience in Systemshock?

I got into DJing after a friend of mine who worked in a music gear shop introduced me to special DJ equipment. At that time I was mostly into dance music of various styles, so it was quite natural that I felt like ‘Oh, I wanna try it!’. So I started learning things about virtual software for DJ’s and various sequencers. All in all, being a DJ was more like a hobby for me, not that I was in it for money or something. What is important here is that DJing taught me how to feel the audience.

Systemshock started as a one time only concert, with you dj’ing and SPCMN7 playing guitar, what made you decide to make Systemshock a real band after this?

We were blown away by the reaction we got from the people at the party. At first, they were really surprised when heard live guitars in my set, but then everybody got really excited with that. After the party we received a lot of positive feedback as well as questions like ‘When is your next performance?’ Moreover, the party organizer invited us to play again. It all inspired us to continue our collaboration, but this time we decided to concentrate more on our own tracks.

How did you come up with the name Systemshock, what does it stand for?

Well, we actually spent quite some time thinking hard on what name to pick up. Without any result though. And, as it usually happens, it was the last day before the announcement of our second performance, when Nikk came up with this name ‘Systemshock’. It was sexy enough and easy to remember, so we decided to stick to it.

In 2009 Alex Rockit joined the band as drummer, were you looking for a real drummer, what does he add to the sound of Systemshock?

Before joining the project, Alex used to play drums in various local rock bands. Actually it was sheer luck that he happened to be at that very party where we first staged under the name of Systemshock. He got interested in our music, so after the event he found me on the net and asked whether we need a drummer. We accepted him without a moment’s hesitation. That is how the project obtained its “missing part”. With live drums our sound became more powerful and intense – something we lack before. So I can say for sure that after Alex joined us we could finally call Systemshock a real band, not just some kind of DJ project.

How would you describe your music yourself, it has several different influences? Do these influences reflect your musical taste?

Well, I personally find it difficult to pinpoint Systemshock to one particular music style, so I simply prefer to call it ‘dance electronics’. As for influences. Sure, our music is influenced by personal tastes of each musician in the band. I am more into dance music, while Nikk is a fan of guitars and broken beats. As for Alex, he prefers more agressive stuff like metal. All this you can hear in Systemshock’s sound, it’s all reflected there.