Latest remixes from Mental Discipline

Mental Discipline

Here are some quick news from Mental Discipline. While the work on the full-length album is now closing to its final stage, you can listen to the recently released mixes from Alexandr, Mental Discipline‘s mastermind. The first one is a mix done for the Norwegian futurepop project Spektralized released on My Needs EP. The second one was done for the German Head-less for the massive charity compilation Electronic Saviors.
Moreover, two more mixes are to be released in the nearest months. These are works for Sharon Next and Unity One, so you can expect more treats for your ears!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Mental Discipline‘s cover of Stripped on our special tribute DepecheMatika!

Spektralized – My Needs EP

01. My Needs (Exclusive EP version)
02. My Needs (Radio Edit)
03. My Needs (Remix by Icon Of Coil)
04. My Needs (Remix by Einar K)
05. My Needs (Remix by Isle of Crows)
06. My Needs (Remix by Zargg)
07. Strange Reactions (Remix by DJ Bariuz of Code 64)
08. Learn and Teach (Remix by Technomancer feat. Angst Pop)
09. Special Feeling (Remix by Mental Discipline)
10. Stardust (Remix by Supercraft)
11. All So Wasted (Remix by Kristian Torkilsen)

Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence

Disc 3 Anger:
01. System Syn – Goddamn (Imperative Reaction Remix)
03. Boole – Walpurgisnacht
04. Ego Likeness – Infidel
05. Binary Park – Worlds Collide (Saviors mix)
06. Die Sektor – The Just Will Be Silenced
07. Stiff Valentine – Suicide Execute
08. head-less – Punish Your Head (Mental Discipline Remix)
09. Ludovico Technique – This Life (Lexincrypt remix)
10. Psy’Aviah – Sweet Hard Revenge (Fallon Nieves Rendition)
11. Aesthetic Perfection – The Devil’s Is In The Details (Sthilmann Remix)
12 Terminal Choice – Fight the System (Rabia Sorda Mix)
13 Diverje – Suffer this world (Centhron Remix)
14 am.psych – My Enemy
15 The Rain Within – The Other Side
16 UCNX – The Innocent ($150 Remix by Idiot Stare)
17 Jon Zaremba – Snakes, You Get Out Of Here! This Is Not Your Room…