Na-Hag – Dreams Of A Sick Man (2011)

Na-Hag - Dreams Of A Sick Man (2011)

Just before we unleash the tribal darkness upon you with the new release from Na-Hag, it is highly recommended to check out his debut album released just about five month ago on the Russian netlabel X-line (yes, it’ll be his second album this year!).


01. Alpha Waves Are Dying, Theta-Rhythm Is Ready 4:24
02. Hypnos Whirls Dizzy My Saltation 5:04
03. Oh My Eyelid, Hold My Eye 4:48
04. Caxixi Dreamcatcher 5:03
05. The Fall I Need A Sole 7:04
06. And Then Came Sopor 7:43
07. Just Can’t Sleep Sound 5:28
08. Useless Attempt To Hold On The Edge 9:28

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