Na-Hag – Obscurant (2012)

Na-Hag - Obscurant (2012)
Ruga Roo, the young guy behind Na-Hag (and a bunch of other projects), scares me. No, really. He must be some kind of a robot, android, cyborg or I don’t know what, who doesn’t sleep but make music all the time. In addition to two Na-Hag‘s albums last year (not counting the Ceremony Of Madness split), he also did an album for his IDM project r.roo, collaborated with other musicians to release albums of Sound Wave Pressure and Strangled Beauty. All this in less than a year! And what is important, the quantity doesn’t undermine the quality! How could it be? I don’t know. But here’s another reason to believe he’s not human – a brand new full-length release under the name of Na-Hag! If you enjoyed Lost Cities, be sure to check it out too!


01. You Worship Me
02. Atavism
03. Sew Your Face To My Face
04. 04-The Demon Inside Me
05. Praying On The White Mountain
06. Among The Lemic Ones
07. Washing Blood-Stained Hands Under The Rain
08. Dark Sun
09. Ninth Fragment Of My Body

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