Purple Fog Side offers TRINITY for FREE

Purple Fog Side - Trinity

Great news for fans of synthpop music: For a limited time you will be able to download one of the best synth albums released in Russia in 2010. Trinity is a collaboration between three Russian bands: Purple Fog Side (you might remember that we released their full-length album Project:Rentgen the same year), Mechanical Apfelsine (we released the side project of these guys, Invisible Devastation, five weeks ago) and Haloed Ghost. The offer will remain valid for a couple of weeks, so hurry up!


01. Purple Fog Side – I Will Survive (Mechanical Apfelsine Cover)
02. Mechanical Apfelsine – Worse (Haloed Ghost Cover)
03. Haloed Ghost – Illusions (Purple Fog Side Cover)
04. Mechanical Apfelsine – Suicide Virgin (Purple Fog Side Cover)
05. Haloed Ghost – 7 Sins (Mechanical Apfelsine Cover)
06. Purple Fog Side – Like An Innocent Child (Featuring Mechanical Apfelsine)
07. Haloed Ghost – Reborn
08. Purple Fog Side – Wrinkles (Dark Disco Radio Version)
09. Mechanical Apfelsine – Poison (Featuring Purple Fog Side)
10. Haloed Ghost – Reflection
11. Purple Fog Side – Grey (Haloed Ghost Cover)
12. Mechanical Apfelsine – Second Sun