Release date for Alpha Point’s album is announced!

Alpha Point - High Like The Angels (2012)
Yeah, finally! Out Of Line has officially announced the release date of Alpha Point‘s debut album. It’s gonna happen on March, 30th! We’ve been waiting for it for (literally) years :smile: It’s already possible to preorder the CD and I highly recommend doing it, because the CD booklet is very cool and futuristic (it features the lyrics too). Moreover, I bet no fan will be disappointed with the new songs as they really rock! All in all, I’m very proud of Alpha Point being released on such a famous label and wish the band every luck in the future!

Moldavian Electro band Alpha Point was able to win over both the readers and jury of Sonic Seducer magazine as well as the entire A&R department of Out Of Line Music with the highly catchy mix of Future Pop, Trance and light Industrial influences of their song “High Like The Angels” which consequently won them first place at the magazine’s the Battle Of The Band contest. Now, the group’s eagerly anticipated debut album is complete, fittingly titled after the song that won them the contest, and Alpha Point have not only kept the high standard of their first offering, they have surpassed it. After many protagonists of the Future Pop have moved on to other styles, the Moldavian band celebrates the genre in its purest form, without falling into the trap of sounding like a carbon copy of the days of yore. “High Like The Angels” sounds big, modern and addictive: intelligent Club tunes that will work in and outside of the disco!


1. Intro
2. Things I Do
3. High Like The Angels
4. Emptiness Within
5. God’s Anger
6. Wind
7. Alive
8. Call It Heaven
9. Love Is For Free
10. I Don’t Want To Fall In Love With You
11. Feel The Same
12. High Like The Angels (reprise)


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