Remix news from Dirty Bird 13: FGFC820, Aesthetic Perfection and more

Dirty Bird 13

Here we go to share some news from Dirty Bird 13 relating to remixes!

First of all, the guys just announced the best two mixes from the contest they held. They are:

Freaky Mind (Russia, Moscow) (“No Longer” remix)
Na-Hag (Ukraine, Kiev) (“Girl With The Knife” remix)

More detailed information to follow soon. Meanwhile, it is worth to mention that Na-Hag is releasing his hew album thru Synthematik in two weeks. Expect some eerie tribal-industrial this time :cool: (And who knows, maybe Freaky Mind will have their debut album released with us, too ;-) )

Second, a new official remix by Dirty Bird 13 will appear on the new album of the American harsh ebm act FGFC820! The remix kicks ass, as expected :cool:

Aesthetic Perfection

And finally, here’s an unofficial remix of Aesthetic Perfection‘s Spit It Out made just for fun. Enjoy it!