Remix news from Mental Discipline

Alex Mental

Sure, many of you are waiting for the news about Mental Discipline‘s upcoming album. Be patient, it’s coming. Sooner or later ;-) So far, here’s some news concerning latest remixes done by the project’s mastermind Alexandr.

First of all, an exclusive extended version of the smashing hit Fallen Stars is now available on the Electropop 7 compilation released on Conzoom.

Next, Mental Discipline appeared on the club remix EP by the Austrian synthpop group Sharon Next. Other remixers include Faderhead, Sebastian Komor, Elegant Form and more.

Finally, Alexandr just finished two more remixes that will be available on the forthcoming singles of Unity One and Ginger Snap5. The mixes are amazing as always, so stay tuned! Below are the original tracks to give you an idea just how cool it’s gonna be :cool:

Unity One – Infrared (SNTK Version) (available on Synthematika Three)

Ginger Snap5 – Shadow gHost (available on Synthematika Three)