Syntension Alpha & Beta K-Mix 2012 by DJ Oren Amram

Syntension K-Mix 2012 by DJ Oren Amram
Another great megamix from our good friend DJ Oren Amram consisting of tracks taken from the compilations Syntension Alpha and Syntension Beta. You can listen to it or just go and download the whole thing!
P.S. Don’t forget to check the previous megamix with the tracks from the Synthematika compilations.


Perfect Symmetry – The Vulture
Alien2064 – 20-07-69 (Arrival Version by Alpha Point)
Kiberflesh – Golos Vselennoy (Synthematik Dub Voice)
Diversant13 – Panikdanceshockforever
Ginger Snap5 – Sail Away!
Mental Discipline – Follow You Behind (Instrumental Mix)
Dirty Bird 13 – The Game (Instrumental Version)
Sleetgrout – This Time Is Over (Instrumental Version)
Unity One – Tomorrow (Instrumental Version)
Mental Discipline – Kill Emotions (Instrumental Version)
Damien Poll – New_Invasion
Terminal Defekt – Judgment Day
Whitar – Keep Breathing
Energoblock – Lock And Load
Personal Space – Blackout (Instrumental Version)



Syntension Alpha and Beta K-Mix 2012