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VA - Synth Radio Russians Collection: Limited CD edition

A couple of weeks ago, our good friends Synth Radio celebrated its 5th anniversary. In order to commemorate this, they released a CD with a very interesing compilation Synth Radio Russians Collection. It is a kind of ‘best of’ compilation consisting of the tracks that were previously available on the Synth Radio Russians digital compilations released through 2010 to 2012. The CD comes in a sleek white digipak and is limited to 500 copies. The compilation features many artists from our roster, like Mental Discipline, Unity One, Kosmodromm, RU.ARE, Mezzamo. Hurry up and get your copy now!


01. Mental Discipline – The Forgotten Dreams (feat. Alex Cook)
02. Digital Machine – Машина Времени
03. StopTalk – Over The Lines
04. WANT/ed – Never WIll Take It Back
05. Personal Space – Possessed
06. Synthetic Orchestra – Театр теней (feat. KeNa)
07. Rayphonic – Hikikomori
08. Purple Fog Side – Like An Innocent Child (feat. Mechanical Apfelsine)
09. Logika Metro – Make Me Feel It Better
10. DreamVeil – Счастье
11. Unity One – Tomorrow
12. Модуль – Вместе с Ветром
13. RU.ARE – My Lunacy
14. Mezzamo – Street Of Summer
15. Limelight – The Sound of Illumination
16. Электронное Облако – Грусть
17. Kosmodromm – Сталкер
18. Morych – Ночная


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