Synthemaik party in the heart of Serbia!

Synthematik Promo Party

You know, it’s feels great when your dreams come true, even if it’s a little dream. And this is what’s gonna happen soon: the first ever Synthematik party is coming! I’ve been dreaming about it since releasing Synthematika Two, but alas couldn’t really find the time and energy to organize such an event. Now, with the help of our Serbian friend DJ Elder it’s going to happen soon! A one hell of a party, Synthematik party! If you happen to be in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on December 21 you simply must go there :cool:

Once again, a huge respect for making this my little dream come true should be paid to our friend DJ Elder, who’s gonna play a huge Synthematik only set there. Btw, check out one of his latest mixes featuring tracks from our instrumental compilation Syntension Alpha. Enjoy!

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