Synthematik K-Mix 2012 from DJ Oren Amram

Synthematik K-Mix 2012 by DJ Oren Amram
We are happy to welcome a new DJ to our Synthematik family :smile: His name is Oren Amram and he’s from Israel. We recommend checking out his weekly synthpop show “Synthesize Me” as well as his mixes. Below you can listen to one of his latest megamixes that consists only of the tracks taken from our Synthematika compilations. Enjoy!


Cold In May – Kill Yourself With Pain (Mental Discipline Remix)
Carved Souls – Waveform (Extended Mix)
BeRain – Devil (Mental Discipline Remix)
Black Canvas – Pyromaniac (Single Version)
Alpha Point – High Like The Angels (People Theatre’s Total Recall Remix)
Per Aspera – Find Yourself (feat. Mental Discipline)
RU.ARE – Halo
Floor Seven – That Day (RU.ARE Remix)
Systema Synthetica – Tower
Antiscion – Overthrown
Vainerz – I Try To Be (Synthematrix Mix)
Etage Neun – Tonight
Supervillain – Heroes
Ginger Snap5 – Shadow gHost
E-gens – Fine!Shine! (Clubed By LastraX)
deZeption – Puppet Enchanced
Mental Discipline – Battlefield Of Love (SNTK2 Version)
Pattaya Memorial House – Bullet For A Ghost
Unity One – Infrared (SNTK3 Version)
Technomancer – Emulator (Synthematika Edit)
Alpha Point – Things I Do
Observe & Control – Rain