Synthematik: the first six months online!

Synthematik: first six months online!

Here’s a little overview summarizing the first six months since our little netlabel went online. It took me longer than I thought, but finally here it is for you to read.

Actually, there happened so many different things connected with our label activity that I sometimes can’t believe it’s only six months old :) Despite a few insulting comments here and there concerning our distribution strategy (i.e. using torrent sites and various file-sharing communities), most people pay attention not to HOW we distribute our releases, but rather to WHAT releases we distribute. And this is the way it should be, we believe. So, we are not going to change our strategy in the nearest future. The most important thing for us now is to hold as much control as possible over the links to our releases in order to get reliable download statistics. These data are of interest not only for us, but for the artists themselves. Of course, we don’t guarantee a hundred percent precision, ‘cos sooner or later people start making “unauthorized” mirrors. Nevertheless, the data we have at our disposal are quite impressive. Now, let’s take a look at them!

The number of releases, as of 25.06.2010: 7 releases

1. Various Artists – Synthematika One (25.12.2009)

2. Mezzamo – Aloneluna (07.01.2010)

3. Alpha Point – Alive CDM (21.01.2010)

4. Kosmodromm – Kosmodromm 1.0 EP (11.02.2010)

5. Purple Fog Side – Projekt:Rentgen (25.02.2010)

6. Alpha Point – High Like The Angels CDM (05.04.2010)

7. Diversant:13 – Glamour And Pathos EP (31.05.2010)

The number of downloads in the first week:

1. Purple Fog Side – Projekt:Rentgen – ~2270

2. Alpha Point – High Like The Angels CDM – ~2150

3. Diversant:13 – Glamour And Pathos EP – ~2064

4. Alpha Point – Alive CDM – ~1700

5. Kosmodromm – Kosmodromm 1.0 EP – ~1291

6. Mezzamo – Aloneluna – ~1144

7. Various Artists – Synthematika One – ~1000

A relatively low number of downloads shown by Synthematika One and Mezzamo can be accounted for by two factors: a) the obscurity of the label, and b) lesser number of distribution channels. By the time we released Alpha Point‘s first single we had added a few more torrents sites, which immediately resulted in increased download numbers. The numbers reported for Kosmodromm‘s EP are surely influenced by its targeting to Russian speaking audience alongside with the general obscurity of the artist. The fifth release, Purple Fog Side – Project:Rentgen, still holds the record of being our most-downloaded-in-the-first-week release. This is directly connected with the status this band has on the ex-USSR dark scene. For us it was a very significant release, after which many people in Russia (including musicians) started to take us more seriously. The last two releases illustrate our label getting more weight among listeners as they both surpassed the number of 2000 downloads (although they didn’t beat PFS‘s record). Of course, there are several other factors. For example, prior to releasing High Like The Angels, Alpha Point were doing intensive promotion on Myspace and Jango. As for Diversant:13, the provocative nature of the release itself played its viral role. (Actually, it would be interesting to see how this release will do in the long run in connection with its primarily Russian-speaking audience targeting).

The number of downloads for the whole period gives us a bit different picture.

The number of downloads, as of 25.06.2010:

1. Mezzamo – Aloneluna (07.01.2010) – ~19812

2. Alpha Point – Alive CDM (21.01.2010) – ~15408

3. Alpha Point – High Like The Angels CDM (05.04.2010) – ~14422

4. Various Artists – Synthematika One (25.12.2009) – ~13315

5. Purple Fog Side – Project:Rentgen (25.02.2010) – ~12905

6. Kosmodromm – Kosmodromm 1.0 EP (11.02.2010) – ~10799

7. Diversant:13 – Гламур и Пафос EP (31.05.2010) – ~4110

Of course, one should keep in mind that the releases came out at different time and therefore it’s not correct to compare them like being on the same scale. Nevertheless, we can draw some interesting conclusions from these data as well. So, the most downloaded one of our releases is Mezzamo – Aloneluna. It has a pretty wide margin from the second place. The main reason why Mezzamo is the top one now is that their music appeals to a wide audience, not limited to specific genre lovers. It’s proven by the fact that that a considerable number of the downloads are generated from websites and blogs related to indie music. Moreover, when Mezzamo got featured in Mashable’s Free Music Monday (Mashable is a big social media news site), it resulted in over 3000 downloads during that week. As for the second place, we have here Alpha Point – Alive which was released two weeks later than Mezzamo‘s album. It’s quite unlikely that it can get 4000+ in two weeks to overcome Mezzamo. The most promising candidate to surpass Aloneluna is Alpha Point‘s second single which got an impressive number of downloads in just three months. As it was released in April (i.e. three months later), it has really good chances of getting more downloads than Mezzamo has to date. Our first release, Synthematika One compilation, holds the fourth place, but the difference in downloads between the compilation and Purple Fog Side‘s album is inconsiderable. It seems quite likely that Project:Rentgen can easily get over this difference as it still has two months in reserve. As for the two last releases in this chart, the situation is quite clear – Diversant:13 was released only a few weeks ago, and the factors affecting the number of downloads of Kosmodromm‘s EP have been already mentioned above.

Now, if you haven’t already used your calculator, here’s the total number of downloads generated by our releases from the official links: ~90771. Important thing is that downloading never stops and is constantly counting day by day.

Apart from that, in case you don’t know, our releases were featured twice on a multimedia DVD that came with the April and June issues of Russia’s biggest fantasy magazine “Mir Fantastiki”. The magazine’s circulation is 35000. It has generated new active fans for some bands, not much though.

Concerning our further prospects. Well, we’re not going to make any strong statements here – the time will show. At the moment we’re experiencing a lack of free time and therefore had to limit our releasing activity. Nevertheless, we still plan a few quite interesting releases later this year (let’s cross the fingers we’ll manage to do that). If personal things get better, we’ll probably widen the stylistic range of our releases (there are some good variants). Finally, the work on Synthematika Two is soon to be launched. We already have some preliminary candidates and they are really cool :)

To finish this post, we would like to express our gratitude to all the artists who worked and work with us, to all those who helped and help us with our label, to all those who find time to review our releases, and, of course, to all those who download and give our releases a careful listen :)