Synthematik: Three Years And Still Alive!

Synthematik Three Years

Today is the day! Three years ago we did our first release, the legendary Synthematika One. None of us thought it would go that far, but another year has passed and we are still alive!

In 2012 we brought you the following releases:

Nexus VI – RemixLust (2012)
Mirrors Of Mind – Dellamorte Dellamore EP (2012)
Spilstar – Dignity CDM (2012)
Dirty Bird 13 – Mix Collector (2012)
Various – DepecheMatika (2012)
Invisible Devastation – ID EP (2012)
Freaky Mind – More Manifests (2012)
Various – Syntension Beta (2012)
Unity One – Infrared CDM (2012)
My Woshin Mashin – Our Favorite Songs (Part One) (2012)
Various – Synthematika Four (2012)

The new statistical numbers look quite good. Our releases have been downloaded around 450000 times to date, which is not bad. The stats are the following: 17 941 listeners (398 501 plays). These numbers show that we add about 6000 new listeners each year.

Now we are looking forward to 2013. We already have some interesting releases for the next year. Moreover, we are planning to launch some completely new compilations. So, let’s hope we won’t lose our passion to continue in the nearest future.

We would like to thank everyone who helped Synthematik through these years – we certainly could not make it alone! Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out the trailer of our new release!