SynthVision 2011 Contest

It’s already the third time that our good friend DJ Count Death conducts SynthVision – a “Best synth song of the year” contest. The principle is similar to that of the mainstream Eurovision contest – one synth-related song from one country (limited to Europe only). Below you can see the participating countries and their respective contestants. This year we have two of our artists among them – Dirty Bird 13 feat. Anagram to Anna – Every Planet We Reach is Dead and Mental Discipline feat. Felix Marc – Fallen Stars. The show with DJ Count Death representing the contestants will be aired on November 27 on Synth Radio at 20:00 Moscow time (+3 GMT). After that the voting will be open for a week. Don’t miss the show and don’t forget to vote for the best song (not the artist!)! :smile:

List of Contestants:

01. UNITED KINGDOM: VNV Nation – Space and Time
02. LITHUANIA: Mirrors of Mind – Deti Optimizma
03. BELGIUM: Aiboforcen – Light
04. NETHERLANDS: Clan of Xymox – Delete
05. SERBIA: Sound of Her Wings – Follow the Swan
06. SWEDEN: Vision Talk – Unlike
07. AUSTRIA: Sellyy – Alles Schlaeft
08. UKRAINE: Dirty Bird 13 feat. Anagram to Anna – Every Planet We Reach is Dead
09. SPAIN: Silencio Personal – Slave
10. GERMANY: Zynic – My Personal Kryptonite
11. SWITZERLAND: Sleepwalk – Dig Your Grave
12. DENMARK: Tiger Baby – Landscapes
13. HUNGARY: First Aid 4 Souls feat. Aaron Russell – You are in a Box
14. ISRAEL: Observe & Control – Rain
15. BELARUS: Cold in May – Antagonist
16. FRANCE: Dekad – So Sorry
17. FINLAND: Kemopetrol – Changing Lines
18. POLAND: H.Exe feat. Steffan Kmiec – Infinity
19. CZECH. REPUBLIC: Cartonnage – Don’t Stop
20. LATVIA: [N]egative01 feat. Lyla – Tanz
21. SLOVENIA: Torul – Try
22. ITALY: Riccardo Campa – Looking for a Way Out
23. RUSSIA: Mental Discipline feat. Felix Marc – Fallen Stars
24. NORWAY: Ljungblut – Adelsten