What August holds?

Mental Discipline - Fallen Stars (Limited CD Digipak)

Synthematik is back in action again! It’s been a while, since we released our latest stuff in April, now it’s time to unveil what can be expected from us this August.

First of all, we are happy to announce that we’re getting very close to release our second physical CD! This time it’s gonna be the critically acclaimed single Fallen Stars by Mental Discipline featuring Felix Marc and Peter Rainman on vocals as well as many good bands as remixers. To make it more special, the CD edition will feature two bonus tracks (which makes it 10 tracks in total): the hit song The Forgotten Dreams feat. Alex Cook of BeRain and the instrumental track Multulight Sky. The CD will be released in a cool six-panel digipak designed by SuperGendor (you can see the design above) limited to 500 copies. Don’t miss your chance to get this classy thing! :cool:

Second, you will soon witness the birth of a new compilation series, a sort of a little brother (sister?) to the Synthematika series. The name will be revealed later, but I can already say that the compilation’s focus is on instrumental tracks. A somewhat similar attempt was made by our friends from Synth Radio Russia a few months ago. Our compilation is gonna be more powerful, with tracks varying from electro-industrial to futurepop to trance. Among the participants are Alpha Point, Mental Discipline, Systemshock, Dirty Bird 13, Diversant:13 (some of them with completely new material!), so it’s absolutely worth waiting for :)