What to expect from Synthematik in summer?

What to expect from Synthematik
We are happy to announce that our litle summer break is coming to an end and there’s already a number of releases that are waiting to be unleashed upon your ears, dear friends, followers and fans! What’s it gonna be, you ask? Well, this is what this post is supposed to tell ya! :cool:

Invisible Devastation

You might remember these guys from the Synthematika Two compilation that featured their track Invasion. The guys suddenly emerged several years ago with a couple of tracks published on a social network. The tracks got a lot of positive reaction from fans of ebm and dark electro. Since that time they have been quite a mystery, because no information about them could be found anywhere. Only recently it has been revealed that they are members of a band that is well known in the Russian dark scene, but making completely different music. Get ready for melodic dark electro with the Russian lyrics!

Freaky Mind

You love these guys, don’t you? Last year they declared No More Manifest and delivered one of the best albums of 2011 in the dark electro / aggrotech genre. Now the time has come for More Manifests! That is the name given to the remix album featuring mixes from Na-Hag, [Sin.Thetic Squad], Outsight, WORMZ and others. Plus two new tracks! The floofiller Fight is one of the remixed tracks on the album.

Unity One

Our favourite up and coming futurepop project that consists of Mike Encore and Alexander Rush is busy now adding some finishing touches to the debut maxi-single. It is called Infrared and features, apart from the title track, various mixes and a b-side. One of the remixers is Mental Discipline as we already mentioned in the previous post. It’s gonna be awesome! Below is Unity One performing Infrared live at the Cyber Front festival (Kiev, Ukraine).

And last but not least, we are working on making the second volume of our successful instrumental compilation. It will go under the code name Syntension Beta. We hope you will enjoy it as much as the volume Alpha!

Stay tuned and thanks for your support! :cool: