[sntk-cvr-02] My Woshin Mashin – Our Favorite Songs (Part One) (2012)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 03.10.2012 | Style: Synthpop / Electro

My Woshin Mashin - Our Favorite Songs (Part One) (2012): Synthpop / Electro

Tracklist: My Woshin Mashin

01. Joe From Incubator (Depeche Mode Cover) 03:14
02. Tanci (Vopli Vidopliassova Cover) 02:14
03. Dreamer (Ozzy Osbourne Cover) 03:58
04. What Is Love (Haddaway Cover) 04:24
05. Ol’55 (Tom Waits Cover) 04:01
06. You Suffer (Napalm Death Cover) 00:03
07. Ghost’n Goblins (Ayako Mori Cover) 02:37
08. One Of Us (Joan Osborne Cover) 04:28
09. Killing In The Name (Rage Against The Machine Cover) 04:37
10. Trouble Of The World (Mahalia Jackson Cover) 04:46


Band Info: My Woshin Mashin

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My Woshin Mashin


Release Info:

Synthematik presents another release full of wonderfull covers! This time this is something delivered by two crazy, but friendly aliens that came to Earth from the planet Mawama to entertain us under the name of My Woshin Mashin! This ten track electro-acoustic album consists of the Mawama residents’ favorite earthly songs. Among them are Depeche Mode, Ozzy Osbourne, Haddaway, Tom Waits, Napalm Death and other great artists!


Synthematik представляет очередной релиз, полностью состоящий из удивительных кавер-версий! На этот раз вам предстоит ознакомится с любимыми песнями двух обаятельных особей с планеты Мавама aka My Woshin Mashin. Ожидайте инопланетный электро-акустический коктейль из десяти треков, среди которых песни Depeche Mode, Napalm Death, Haddaway, Rage Against The Machine и других замечательных артистов!

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