[sntk-dig-18] Various – Synthematika Three (2011)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 28.12.2011 | Style: Synthpop / Futurepop / EBM / Aggrotech / Industrial

Various - Synthematika Three (2011): Synthpop / Futurepop / Aggrotech / Industrial

Tracklist: Synthematika

01. Unity One (RUS/MLD) – Infrared (SNTK3 Version)** Unity One @ Facebook Unity One @ Vkontakte
02. Antiscion (UK) – Overthrown* Antiscion @ Facebook
03. Dreams Divide (UK) – Puppet Love Dreams Divide @ Facebook
04. Alpha Point (MLD) – High Like The Angels (People Theatre’s Total Recall Remix)** Alpha Point @ Facebook Alpha Point @ Vkontakte
05. Spilstar (DNK) – Dignity* Spilstar @ Facebook
06. Requiem4FM (RUS) – A Night In A Coma* Requiem4FM @ Facebook Requiem4FM @ Vkontakte
07. for all the emptiness (CAN) – loving wrath for all the emptiness @ Facebook
08. Vainerz (GER) – I Try To Be (Synthematrix Mix)** Vainerz @ Facebook
09. Observe & Control (ISR) – Rain Observe & Control @ Facebook
10. Black Canvas (POL) – Pyromaniac (Single Version) Black Canvas @ Facebook
11. Per Aspera (RUS) – Find Yourself (Feat. Mental Discipline)* Per Aspera @ Facebook Per Aspera @ Vkontakte
12. Dust Heaven (UKR) – Doublefaced Dust Heaven @ Facebook Dust Heaven @ Vkontakte
13. P24 (GER) – Lichtjahre Entfernt (Mr. Bouvain Remix)**P24 @ Facebook
14. Technomancer (NOR) – Artificial (SNTK3 Edit)** Technomancer @ Facebook
15. E-gens (RUS) – Holy Dreams* E-gens @ Facebook E-gens @ Vkontakte
16. Ginger Snap5 (UKR) – Shadow gHost* Ginger Snap5 @ Facebook
17. Cold In May (BLR) – Kill Yourself With Pain (Mental Discipline Remix)* Cold In May @ Facebook Cold In May @ Vkontakte
18. Pattaya Memorial House (THA) – Bullet For A Ghost*
19. MIND:|:SHREDDER (UKR) – Till I Get You* MIND:|:SHREDDER @ Facebook MIND:|:SHREDDER @ Vkontakte
20. Cyferdyne (UK) – Nova (SNTK3 Edit)** Cyferdyne @ Facebook
21. Sleetgrout (RUS) – Dance Like Joke* Sleetgrout @ Facebook Sleetgrout @ Vkontakte
22. Fabious Corpus Act (BLR) – Morality (SNTK3 Edit)** Fabious Corpus Act @ Facebook
23. Cease2Xist (UK) – My Burning Rage* Cease2Xist @ Facebook
24. H.Exe (POL) – Infinity (feat. Digital Angel) (Reignited Version)** H.Exe @ Facebook
25. Zweifelhaft (RUS) – The 5th of November* Zweifelhaft @ Facebook Zweifelhaft @ Vkontakte
26. Lthrboots (USA) – My Salvation Lthrboots @ Facebook
27. Universally Unnecessary (USA) – The Uprising* Universally Unnecessary @ Facebook
28. Thorn Drive (UKR) – Keepers Of The Dawn* Thorn Drive @ Vkontakte
29. Outsight (UK)- Function* Outsight @ Facebook
30. Liquid Red (RUS) – A Step Closer (IN[TOXIN] Mix) Liquid Red @ Vkontakte
31. Hyperhate (UKR) – Hate you!* Hyperhate @ Vkontakte
32. Mind.Area (GER) – Insane (SNTK3 Edit)** Mind.Area
33. Nexus VI (RUS) – Indicator (Remix by [Sin.thetic Squad])* Nexus VI Nexus VI @ Vkontakte
34. Systemshock (RUS) – Shiftdelete (Error550 Mix by |De:Source|)** Systemshock @ Facebook Systemshock @ Vkontakte
35. Joshua Hart (USA) – Forever (Remix by Ginger Snap5)* Joshua Hart @ Facebook
36. Hired.Life (RUS) – A.S.A.P* Hired.Life @ Vkontakte
37. Na-Hag (UKR) – Khepri** Na-Hag @ Vkontakte Na-Hag @ Facebook

*Previously unreleased tracks
**Exclusive tracks

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Release Info: Synthematika

Synthematik is proud to present SYNTHEMATIKA THREE, the third installment of the critically-acclaimed compilation series focused on highlighting lesser known names in the synth / industrial scene.
SYNTHEMATIKA THREE offers a diverse selection of 37 tracks bringing together talented artists from Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Germany and other countries. The compilation contains a lot of previously unreleased tracks as well as special versions and exclusive material.

You are welcomed to download and enjoy almost 180 minutes of synthpop / futurepop / aggrotech / industrial music from bands like Alpha Point, Mental Discipline, Systemshock, Sleetgrout, Ginger Snap5, Cold In May, Zweifelhaft, MIND:|:SHREDDER, E-gens, P24, Mind.Area, Technomancer and many others.

SYNTHEMATIKA THREE is available both as a free download (low quality) and a paid download (high quality).


Synthematik представляет третий сборник из своей фирменной серии SYNTHEMATIKA, посвященной талантливым проектам synth / industrial сцены СНГ и других стран мира.

SYNTHEMATIKA THREE несомненно порадует поклонников качественной музыки обширной подборкой из 37 треков общей длительностью более 170 минут. По традиции, большая часть треков на сборнике представляет собой ранее не издававшийся материал, a также специальные версии и эксклюзивные композиции.
Среди участников такие группы как Alpha Point (Молдова), Mental Discipline (Россия), Systemshock (Россия), Sleetgrout (Россия), Ginger Snap5 (Украина), Cold In May (Беларусь), Zweifelhaft (Россия), MIND:|:SHREDDER (Украина), E-gens (Россия), P24 (Германия), Mind.Area (Германия), Technomancer (Норвегия) и многие другие.
SYNTHEMATIKA THREE доступна как для бесплатного (в заниженном качестве), так платного (высокое качество) скачивания.

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