Alpha Point – Alive CDM (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 21.01.2010 | Style: Synthpop / Futurepop

Alpha Point - Alive CDM: Synthpop / Futurepop

Rating: 7 / 10

First time I mentioned Alpha Point was in my Synthematika One review a couple of weeks ago where they contributed with the song “Things I do”, now this Moldavian synthpop band make a own EP release called ‘Alive’.

“Alive” is surely a poppy electro tune just like “Things I do”, but with some guitar riffs to rough things up. It’s a good song even though I’m not as impressed as I where with “Things I do”, still, I found myself humming on it at home, so it surely sticks and it’s a good and easy chorus. After that it is time for “Things I do” in the same version as on the compilation, a bit more cuter and the guitar is tuned down a notch compared to “Alive”.

We also get six different remixes of the two tracks. Four of them are not that outstanding and I will leave them without further comments and rather look at the two that really are great. Pride & Glory’s remix of “Things I do” and the Black Pimpf remix of “Alive” are the ones you should pay attention too. Much care and effort are put into these to make great melodies and really gives you another view of the track, just like good remixes are bound to.

Since this is a release from Synthematik, it’s for free and you are able to download it right away, sure worth to check out. I’m not quite sure yet if they are strong enough to hold up an entire album, but I sure hope that Synthematik and Alpha Point soon prove me wrong.

by Patrik Lindström

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