Alpha Point – Alive CDM (review @ Subexistance)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 21.01.2010 | Style: Synthpop / Futurepop

Alpha Point - Alive CDM: Synthpop / Futurepop

Rating: 7 / 10

In one word ”Alive” is just good. It contains 8 tracks, 2 of them are ”Things I do” and ”Alive”, the other 6 are their remixes. I can say for sure that ”Alive”, the original track is quite nice. Many fans of synth pop music would say ”quite synth”. The combined guitar sound and the vocals suit very good with the synthesizer. I believe it’s the finest track of the album, but then I would have to consider ”Things I do” as good as well. These two are very similar to the music and the vocals, however “Things I do” hasn’t as nice synth sound as ”Alive”. Well,”Things I do” is a bit more cuter and the guitar is tuned down a notch compared to ”Alive”. However ”Alive” remains better for me and also remains a quite nice option for a DJ. Those 2 are obviously the best of the album.

About the remixes, Evil Pengenius mix by Mezzamo is really bad in contrast to the original ”Alive”.The vocals are horrible,no guitar and no good sound!! Personal Space’s remix of ”Things I do” and the Black Pimpf’s remix of ”Alive” are the ones you should pay attention to! Great sound and I can say that they are REMIXes with all the meaning of this word, quite electro and soft sound,good work… Of course the Future Invasion remix by Technomancer is fantastic and worthy of the original ”Things I do” song!! If you are about to go clubbing consider this one,it’s the answer to every dancefloor… Now, the Purple Explosion remix by Purple Fog Side for ”Alive” is not promising as a remix. Either good or bad. Nothing to add. Last we have another remix for ”Alive”,the Tremor Infestation mix by the_maaaigs. I employ you not to listen to it!! It will force you to stop the playing process!! Horrible sound, it goes unoticed.

As an album, in fact, the single is good. But that’s all. Nothing less or more…I’m sure that Alpha point are gonna suprise us with their next work!!!

by Lucian

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