Diversant:13 – Гламур И Пафос EP (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 31.05.2010 | Style: Harsh EBM / TBM

Diversant:13 - Гламур И Пафос EP (2010): Harsh EBM / TBM

Rating: 8/10

Diversant:13 hails from the land of Belarus and play a mix of industrial/harsh EBM. The EP ‘Glamour and Pathos’ is released for free on the internet and consists of 10 tracks (5 remixes and one cover). The sound is very typical harsh EBM and doesn’t really add anything new, but it’s well produced, the mastering is really good and it sounds pro compared to a lot of acts out there.

The vocals are distorted, but clear, my main problem is that I can’t understand a word of the vocals and not even the track names since it’s all in Russian. The remixes aren’t bad either; it’s a mix of harsh version to a more trance like version with .sid influences and a bit of metal. Then we have the cover track which is some weird death metal version which I personally dislike and it doesn’t fit there at all, even thought it’s a funny idea.

It’s cool to see a band actually doing music in their own language instead of doing like 80% of all the other bands in this genre and making it in English, but the downside is for us other people who doesn’t understand the language. It would be interesting to know what the songs are about, not that it matters much, but still. Anyway, to finalize this review; It’s a good EP and for being a free release it’s top notch quality. It’s not perfect and the songs are a bit repetitive but it’s free so go get it!

by Fredrik Croona

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