Freaky Mind – No More Manfiests (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 10.10.2011 | Style: Aggrotech / Dark Electro

Freaky Mind - No More Manifests (2011): Aggrotech / Dark Electro

Rating: 8/10

I’ve said it so many times; you need to watch out for the Russians, because this time, the Russians come for real. This is not a cold war, this is a true invasion, and I, for one, am happy to become invaded by motivated people. This might be the injection the sometimes tired scene needs; competition usually drives people to new potential and standards.

‘No More Manifests’ is the debut album from Moscow based duo Freaky Mind. This album though holds no evidence against them for being a debut album. It’s high standard, high quality and with none of the bugs usually found in debut albums. Freaky Mind sounds experienced.

With their straight forward TBM/Aggrotech, it’s sometimes hard not to put them in the same folder as Combination Jesus (Combichrist, for those who did not get it). But to say so would also be most inaccurate of me. There’s so much more to Freaky Mind than simple rip-offs. Still, the similarities are there, especially during the tracks “Fight”, “Kill” and “Rule the Empire”. However, the softer (notice softer and not soft) “Cyber Girl”, the more electro punkish “No More Manifests” and the Harsh inspired “Freaky Mind” all adds more dimensions and dynamic to the album and makes it to something that feels ever evolving and flowing.

My favorite track on this 10 track album is the Hell-TBM remix of “Kill”. The brilliant and evolving high pitched melodies simply makes my skin crawl as they change, reach out, pulls in and extract into something new for every time I hear the melody. Probably the best industrial dance floor track I’ve heard this year so far.

Freaky Mind has set the bar high with this track, and also the album itself; I’m waiting for the retaliation from the scene that put themselves in the parlor of the genre. Is your industrial prick enough for a prick waving contest, or will you simply bow down and take it?

by Patrik Lindström

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