Freaky Mind – No More Manifests (review @ Music Test Lab)

Freaky Mind - No More Manifests (2011): Aggrotech / Dark Electro

Rating: 8/10

I have said it before and I say it again. Industrial music is not really my cup of tea. Writing these reviews however makes me realise that there are industrial acts out there that are really really good. Moscow based band Freaky mind is one of these acts and No more manifests is a really really good album. It will definitely find its way into many a DJs gigbag and it will probably wreck havoc on several dance floors. There are some things that a synthpop afficionado like myself gets irritated on. the song on some of the songs for example are more of a screaming than singing (I would guess some Nitzer ebb influences? Am I Right?). The band also varies between the “screaming-singing” and more regular singing. All and all this is a very cool album that will be filling a lot of dance floors in no time!

DJ Mange

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