Invisible Devastation – ID (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 31.07.2012 | Style: Dark Electro / Harsh EBM

Invisible Devastation - ID EP (2012): dark Electro / Harsh EBM

Rating: 8/10

Invisible Devastation are a Dark Electro/EBM band from the city Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. This is a self-named debut EP of eight tracks on the Synthematik label. Demo tracks were first heard from the band in 2009, receiving positive feedback. It was later revealed that the men behind Invisible Devastation are from Russian synthpop band Mechanical Apfelsine. Now they have returned with this their debut release. The EP includes reworked versions of previous demo tracks “Mother Of Heroin”, “Infinity” and “Invasion”, as well as several new songs. The paid version contains an alternative extended version of the song “Mother Of Heroin”.

Our “Intro” is an eerie version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which should be played to all small children at bedtime. This nursery rhyme then builds up into a techno-industrial entrance for “The Devil”, our second track. This is a good dark electro track, excellent rhythm and dance beat. The vocals are of the typical grunting and distorted variety, but on a 1 to 10 scale are very much near the top end and work well with the music. An ideal dance and sing-a-long song for the club setting.

“Invasion” follows once again the dark electro dance format, just as aggressive as the previous track and once again one for the cybergoths. Enough techno to make it a rave possible favorite but not too much. The drums put out a heavy and strong beat and the synths a good melody.

“Infinity” has a much more ambient and slow start, with experimental sound. Heavy drums take over building into a more post-industrial track. A blend of noise and ambient sounds, with a small element of rock ensues. This all goes on around some very good harsh vocals which glue it all together.

A good and heavy drum beat meet us in “I Am Bastard”. Some even harsher vocals then come in along with synths giving it melody and rhythm. The drums and synths really plainly combine and beat out a rhythm for the vocals, again making it all sound so natural. A slower beat and rhythm but I still think this is one for the dance floor, and quickly becoming one of my favorites.

We slow things down a little more in “Epitaph”. A more electro-industrial sound in this one, a deep and somewhat ambient sound, with harsh and distorted beats. Sounds very much like a horror film setting. To complete the setting it nicely finishes with a sample from “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

“Mother Of Heroin” is a highly rhythmic and melodic synth driven track, and nicely layered. Although musically the EP is good, this is the first time I have thought that this is more about the music than the vocals which are at a quieter level and secondary. Contains some very good synth lines unlike those heard in any of the previous tracks. We finish the EP with “Mother Of Heroin (version 2009)” which is slightly longer in length and drags out the ambient and experimental synth sounds at the start. It also contains a very good and much heavier drum beat, both versions are good dance floor fillers, through the beat and trance like synth sounds. The latter version having a stronger trance element of the two versions.

This is a good EP and recommended, and as advertised really is a melodic crossover between dark electro and EBM with harsh vocals and Russian lyrics. They make it all sound easy and so natural which I am sure it isn’t. Highlights for me are “I Am Bastard” because it as I said all sounds so natural, but each time I listen to it I hear more, and “Mother of Heroin” because it is a class club dance track.

by Danya Malashenkov

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