Kosmodromm – Будет Ласковый Дождь (review @ Music Test Lab)

Kosmodromm - Будет Ласковый Дождь... (2011): Synthpop / Darkwave

Rating: 7/10

This album is best described as electronic lullabies. Even though I can’t understand a word of russian I get the feeling that the music, end especially the lyrics are very poetic and sincere. The sound is unlike anything I’ve heard before even if there are some typical synthpop influences. It is possible that it is the downtempo “lullaby-esque” sound that creates this unique and very pleasant sound. However I have to admit some minor problems. As I’m listening to the album while writing I can feel myself getting a bit drowsy so I would not recommend people to listen to this while driving.

DJ Mange

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