Mental Discipline – Fallen Stars CDM (review @ Blackvector)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 12.04.2011 | Style: Futurepop / Synthpop

Mental Discipline - Fallen Stars CDM (2011): Futurepop / Synthpop

Rating: 8 / 10

Mental Discipline is the one-man project of Russian native Alexandr Krivoruko. Even if the project itself maybe doesn’t tell much, it sures include one hell of vocal collaborations. The title track is delivered in two different version. One with vocals from Felix Marc (Frozen Plasma/Diorama) and the other from Peter Rainman (People Theatre).

It’s hard not to draw resemblance with Frozen Plasma when hearing the voice of Felix Marc. Even if the music also goes in the same vein, it’s still one hell of a track. Then who, or what it sounds like doesn’t matter. A powerful melody, strong lyrics and a masterfully assembled sound structure. Peter Rainman’s version is also very great, and even if it is the same melody and sound the vocal gives a different touch to the song without sounding the same. Brilliant.

The single is accompanied with several remixes of the title track from bands such as !distain and Foretaste among others. But there is also the b-side “Battlefield Of Love” featuring vocals from Alexander Gladky of Alpha Point. This track doesn’t have the same punch as the title track though, but it’s still a nice one. With a more Trance-ish touch and great performance from Alexander it has deserved its place in the light. And it sure does have a danceable attitude.

About the remixes. I only find two remixes that sticks out from the group and that is the Mechanical Apfelsine and Alpha Point. It has this really amazing retro C64 sound infused with todays sound.

by Björn A.

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