Mental Discipline – Fallen Stars CDM (review @ ElektroSpank)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 12.04.2011 | Style: Futurepop / Synthpop

Mental Discipline - Fallen Stars CDM (2011): Futurepop / Synthpop

Rating: 8,5 / 10

Mental Discipline is, at the time, the best future pop project that Russia has given us. For those who are not familiar with this project, Mental Discipline are coming from Russia and is an one-man project from Alexandr Krivoruko. First signs of Mental Discipline are coming from 2008 when some demos where released.

Through these demos we have the first contact with “Fallen Stars”, back then as an instrumental track.

2011 sees the updated and fresh version of “Fallen Stars”. Strong melody, representing in the best possible way, the style that stands for. And this is catchy and melodic future-pop. You ‘ll recognize two well known voices in electro-EBM scene. Starting, at the first track, we find Felix Marc of Diorama/Frozen Plasma and second version of title track comes with Peter Rainman from People Theatre in vocals. Both gifted vocalists, they give to “Fallen Stars” their own, unique character. We should mention that each track differs in lyrics as well. Hard to chose…

When you listen to Felix Marc’s voice, you can’t avoid the comparison to Frozen Plasma. However after listening to “Fallen Stars” several times, it is clear that Alexandr has his own style. Fresh sound with bouncing beats, catchy synths and rhythm “Fallen Stars” could be the next big thing in future-pop, which needs a hit for a strong come back in clubs.

Also clear are Alexandr’s influences. Elements from bands as State of the Union, Syrian, Colony 5, Assemblage 23 and other great bands of this genre.

Tracklist is completed with several remixes of the title track. 5 remixes in total, 3 for Felix Marc’s version and 2 for Peter Rainman’s one. We should express our preference in the clubhit and dancefloor oriented “Survivor Remix by Systemshock” but also for the “Broken Stars Remix by Mechanical Apfelsine”. Melodic approach from !distain and clear progressive elements in “Progressive Fall Mix by Alpha Point”.

“Batlefield of Love” in a new version, “Per Aspera Gentle Version” closes the tracklist. A really good addition to a very good single with some aggro-elements and dance mood.

In general, Mental Discipline’s “Fallen Stars” is a really good single coming from Russia. Alexandr is faithful to future pop and with clear signs of progression, gives us a powerful track. The production from Synthematik completes in the best way this release. We are waiting for the next move with great interest.

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