Mezzamo – Aloneluna (review @ Chain D.L.K.)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 07.01.2010 | Style: Electropop / New Wave / Indie

Mezzamo - Aloneluna (2010): Electropop / New Wave / Indie

Rating: 4 / 5

Second release for the new Russian netlabel Synthematik, which seems to be pretty much dedicated to all forms of Alternative-, Synth-, and Futurepop-genres. This relatively straight direction is rather seldom to find ‘ netlabels come and go, but who will ever look through on the masses of uncountable netlabels providing Experimental, IDM, or Ambient-related styles? At times you’ll hear a lonesome studio musician farting into a microphone, but there’s always someone out there trying to sell those efforts as being the next BIG IDM-thing. But concentrated to publish only Synth-/Futurepop, or at least EBM/Electro-/Industrial-styles, can’t be discovered too often, so Synthematik can be called in some way unique.

Unique is a description, which also fits on MEZZAMO, a Russian Alternative-/Synthpop quartet, lead by the compelling female vocalist Shura Zhuravleva. This band has been nominated for some underground awards and their musically skills even prove their highly grown recognition in their home-country.

Musically drawing a romantic, quite 80ies-related Pop/Wave-environment, combined with latter Futurepop-attitudes, MEZZAMO have previously released an album in Russian language and a teaser EP ‘Everything You’, all freely available at their web resources. With ‘Aloneluna’ they now hunt for international reputation and by listening their smooth, catchy and very Pop-/Alternative-oriented kind in their arrangements, this plan should be able to reach. Those calm and melodic Synthpop-tunes like ‘Without You’, ‘Aloneluna’, or ‘You And Me’ can even impress my grandma, so that’s a good point. Slightly supported by some acoustic guitar loops here and there, the vocals by Mrs. Zhuravleva, which reminding me from its timbre a bit on Germany’s international successful 80ies-Pop-diva SANDRA, are the main ‘instrument’ in use ‘ everything in the production process rises and falls with her vocal performance.

A must-have item for fans of the genre ‘ to me a surprising well-done addition, so get it ‘ it’s freely downloadable!

by Marc Tater

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