Mezzamo – Aloneluna (review @ Subexistance)

Mezzamo - Aloneluna (2010): Electropop / New Wave / Indie

Rating: 7 / 10

Mezzamo, a Russian band with pop sounding, passages to future pop musical elements and indie rhythms.

Catchy, simple melodies, without this meaning that the band knows not of music; it’s the exact opposite. All is balanced, with intense –artistic- color, and an exceptional equilibrium between vocals and music. This act strives not to establish itself as the “no. 1”, however, this album is a note of optimism, open to each and every one seeking for some free-time pleasure. It definitely is a satisfying/ great release for the fans, and a pleasurable musical break for the rest. Shura Zhuravleva’s voice is dominant, without featuring a heavy accent, being reminiscent of the pop scene’s divas during the ’80s. Vocals that leave no one indifferent; especially at up-tempo compositions that are more fitting to her singing, such as “Just like You”.

Overall, quite the mature release from a band that knows what it is looking for, and spares no time for unnecessary quests. Those that admire ‘80s pop and the calmness of indie are to easily love this album. The others can merely pass by. The album’s best song is the homonymous one: a relaxing track, in which the band implants all those characteristics, that needs the listener to notice, being plain. The album is free for one to download by Synthematik, so all fans of this genre, go and give it a chance; it is worth it.

by Kostas Sotiriou

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