Na-Hag – Lost Cities (review @ Music Test Lab)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 26.09.2011 | Style: Tribal / Dark Ambient / Rhythmic Noise

Na-Hag - Lost Cities (2011): Tribal / Dark Ambient / Rhythmic Noise

Not being quite able to compare it to much else, the first thing that strikes me concerning the tunes of this Ukrainian “tribal industrial” project, is that it could as well have been the score of some obscure horror film or possibly as the background of nightmarish scenes of some forgotten war movie or building up a threatening mood in a walkthrough in a this far not made Inside the Chernobyl Sargophagus documentary. The sounds are slow and rhythmic, at times almost hypnotic with sporadic samplings of various kinds as the only breaks from the repetative tracks. Repetative but not monotonous. Even in spite of being several minutes long loops of musical segments, Na-Hag manage to maintain my ushared attention and interest throughout each song, displaying rather originality than someone being lucky with Logic and a coule of synthesizers. There’s thought and proper work behind each and every track. However, this can’t be claimed to be music for all occassions. Just as you’re not very likely to put on Skinny Puppy’s Too Dark Park on your grandmother’s 70th birthday party, you probably don’t want to listen to this when driving your car as it would severely damage your focus whilst ruthlessly and inevitably penetrating your brain.

by KL

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