Na-Hag – Lost Cities (review @ Radical Migrator)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 26.09.2011 | Style: Tribal / Dark Ambient / Rhythmic Noise

Na-Hag - Lost Cities (2011): Tribal / Dark Ambient / Rhythmic Noise

In the previous time I have reviewed Na-Hag’s “Dreams of a Sick Man” I got carried away as I was overwhelmed by the virtuosity and the back of beyond. For that reason alone, fearing I could impair my strong, compelling impression of something so affirmative and prevailing, I was a bit dithery in my approach to this work. Yet, needless to say, with this record too, I was not disappointed; A.S. is a truly slept-on mastermind of the genre.

Picking up where he left off, this time Na-Hag adheres to a gloomier aesthetic cut and chiseled from the lower bounds of industrialist roughness. This is manifested and certified not only through the music but also by the thoughtful depth of the titles and the humdrum & prosaic somberness of the cover.

Speleological acoustics meet multiethnic variety, fecund in reverberations and brisance; debonair alertness is utilized for the design of each and every sound, retaining Simonovich’s aegis for mellowness and intensity that is pro rata and never idiotic in the likes of overrated acts like :Wumpscut:, Velvet Acid Christ & Skinny Puppy, to name a few. The complete control over the synths, basses and percussion, and their respective harmonies, alongside the not-so-novel but always stunningly inimitable combination of oriental sounds and electronic pulses—best evidenced in chefs-d’oeuvre like ‘Rituals for the Dying’, ‘Fathers Love to Eat Their Sons’ and the album’s theme song ‘Lost Cities’—are the mould of genius. A wonderful release for Synthematik and another sure-fire, sonic astrogation for Na-Hag. Highly recommended!

by Radical Migrator

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