Nórdika – Neurotransmisor (review @ Blackvector)

Nordika - Neurotransmisor (2013): synthpop

Rating: 8/10

Hailing from Mexico, Nórdika, the electronic Synthpop project of Alejandro Marin return with its third studio album to date since the start in 2008 and only one year since the previous one “Espectro Electro Magnetico”.

Nórdika deliver a very melancholic sound by mixing strong beats and catchy melodies to a moody and distinct structure. “Neurotransmisor” keep a mid-tempo approach through out the entire album, but even though it can seem repetitive, the band manage to strike with very interesting constellations with a strong atmosphere and the differences in heavier or smoother sound has its edges. Tracks like “Alas Como Lagrimas” or “Endorfina” keep a darker tone with heavier beats.

Most songs feature Spanish vocals and Alejandro definitely deliver a strong voice during its journey the band also have a couple of guest appearances. Most known is probably the US act Carved Souls with vocals from Suede F. The band came to my attention just a couple of months ago with the featured track “Dime” on the “Synthematika 4″ compilation that was released in December. It’s not often you hear Synthpop from Mexico as it more or less is the promised land of Harsh EBM. “Neurotransmisor” is definitely a very solid and strong album and Nórdika will for sure be to count with.

by Björn A.
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