Outsight – Function EP (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 06.11.2013 | Style: EBM / Industrial / Dubstep

Outsight - Function EP (2013)

Rating: 8/10

So, let’s take a little while to discuss the relatively unknown UK act Outsight. The project originally formed in 2001 under Adian Howe, the head man of the trio, manly focusing on synthesized rock. However, now the band has stepped away solely from that, and has gone into full blown electronics with very fun dance beats and the such. And, with their style held well within ground, they released their first EP titled Function.

And what I already love about this EP is that it comes with six original tracks with no remixes. That’s how an EP should be done, especially when the track list is so short. Now, as far as the music actually goes, those who enjoy dubstep should find a fair amount of pleasure within the song. It’s not majorly influenced within the songs, however, there are definitely bass drops and blender sounding noises within the tracks.

And, with that said, those who don’t appreciate dubstep should probably try and shy away from this release. But, then there is everything else as well; the beats are fast and friendly, and the lyrics are pretty emotional for the most part. The vocals are fair, but didn’t really do much for me. They sound nice, but sometimes seem as if they don’t go too well with how harsh the music is. For example, I thought the singing went very well in the fifth track, Fortune Telling, but felt as if they were way too quiet and toned down in the following song, The Souls Encaptured in comparison to the hard bass drops and electronic flow.

However, this is a pretty good EP showcasing the talents of potentially a rising act. They certainly know what they’re doing, that’s for sure. I suppose it just depends on whether or not they can actually hook listeners onto their style to become successful.

by Steven Gullotta
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