RU.ARE – RU.ARE (review @ Brutal Resonance)

RU.ARE - RU.ARE (2010): Synthpop / Futurepop

Rating: 7 / 10

One track from the compilation ‘Synthematika One’ that really made an impact where “Halo” by the Russian duo RU.ARE. Now the band is here with their debut album with the same name as the artist.
“Halo” is still a great track and also the best song on this album by far. After a disappointing start of the track “Fontenblo” where the vocals and effects on it that sounds terrible, things get much better when they skip the effects and singer actually uses his beautiful voice. The track swiftly goes from “bluerg” to “yay”. We get some strong Depeche Mode influences in the second track “Saviour”, from the vocal style to the initial music melodies. You find some evidence of that every now and then, but it’s hard to be a synth pop act and not be inspired by the greats.
Things seems to stagnate a bit on the second half of the release, it’s still good, but get a bit generic. Good tunes, but without any track that makes a long lasting impression and instant identification like with “Halo”.
However, it’s a well produced album, good debut and I’m looking forward to this duo’s future work.

by Patrik Lindström

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