RU.ARE – RU.ARE (review @ Cosmos Gaming)

RU.ARE - RU.ARE (2010): Synthpop / Futurepop

RU.ARE is a new name within the synthpop genre, and the duo comes from an unlikely source. Rather than coming from a variety of other synth/electro bands, the two members of this group were involved with their local metal scene and decided that they wanted to try something entirely new. Their debut self titled album suggests otherwise though, as the melodies and beats are on par with some of the better acts in the genre. There’s plenty of room for this duo to expand, but they are definitely capable of producing catchy arrangements that will keep listeners coming back.

Although I won’t claim to be a synthpop expert, some of the bands that I have heard were far too repetitive and seemed to rely on one or two beats to drive their album. This is not the case with RU.ARE as they have a lot more variety than one might expect. A number of their songs feature heavy, driving beats that bring a club vibe to their overall sound while others slow the pace down and focus more on the melodies than the beats. The tracks are actually distinguishable from one another, and a number of them feature keyboard arrangements that are so infectious that listeners will find it hard to get them out of their heads. It is nice to hear a band of this type that offers plenty of twists and turns throughout the course of each track and actually writes songs rather than beats/hooks. The high quality version of the album includes two remixes that don’t change the sound of the tracks by much but still manage to feel different.

Alex Odintsov has a very mellow singing voice, and while he uses a little bit of distortion and vocal manipulation from time to time for the most part he lets his natural pitch take steal the spotlight. Odintsov does occasionally get a little shaky and it sometimes sounds as though he is starting to head out of tune. This isn’t a big of a deal and for the majority of RU.ARE’s album he sounds fairly strong, but I would like to see him continue to train his voice and see if he can become even better next time around. Overall, you can tell that this band feels a bit more pop/new wave than synth as they use a lot less electronic vocal arrangements than the rest of the genre and this helps set them apart.

These guys have some great hooks and have created an album that has tracks that would fit in at a club and others that require more involvement from the listener to fully understand. This means that RU.ARE can appeal to either type of listener and because of this they may be able to gain some additional exposure. I would like to see the vocals fine tuned a little further and am sure there is much more that the band can do with their instrumentals but as a whole this debut as surprisingly engaging and gets my recommendation.

by Chris Dahlberg

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