RU.ARE – RU.ARE (review @ Subexistance)

RU.ARE - RU.ARE (2010): Synthpop / Futurepop

Rating: 9 / 10

RU.ARE is a band directly reserving a hold in the synth-pop fans’ hearts, through their astonishing, homonymous debut album.

With their imaginativeness being prominent, the two members mix up energy and melody, synth and harmony; all these served in a synth package, in which melancholy is prevalent. An amazing performance on vocals by Alex, with no cacophonies or a crazy accent irritating one; truly, the band is taking the “synth-pop” term to a whole new level. The music is exceptional indeed, on the keyboards Anton is stealing the show, is a “must listen”: this dude is one hell of a musician. I really admire this duo for their imaginativeness/ musical intellect, lyricism, beauty and melancholy they’ve put together in their first bred piece. They comprise an obscure acoustic scenery to develop their inner melancholy and the black color that’s been around their souls, managing to allure the listener, who’s merely enjoying their music.

The ones involved with the specific musical genre, but djs too, should better check out compositions such as “Saviors”, “Wings”, and “Halo”. Some of these songs can be easily heard at a club, next to this genre’s established bands. The only spot that concerns me is that this release will come unnoticeable by the fans’ wide masses. I hope that RU.ARE will attract the attention and fan base deserved in their country at least, through this release.

by Kostas Sotiriou

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