Spilstar – Dignity CDM (review by DJ Dark Cloud)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 09.04.2012 | Style: Synthpop / Electropop

Spilstar - Dignity CDM (2012): Synthpop / Electropop

Russian net label, Synthematik has releasd a six track CDM from up and coming Danish Synthpop act, Spilstar. Spilstar is a one man project by Kenneth Larsen, who brings together a wonderful blend of 80′s Synthpop and Electropop. You can get this CDM for free, however, the high quality paid version includes two bonus tracks. An alternative version of “Dignity” and the new track “Zombie.”

This six track CDM starts off with its self-titled track, “Dignity (Single Version).” This is the same song we heard on the Synthematika Three compilation with its SNTK 3 Edit, where Spilstar made its debut. The elements of this track make for a wonderfully pieced Synthpop track as Kenneth’s vocals mold around the music perfectly. While it’s a complete song with a run time of 4:04, the song did feel somewhat short. This is a very catchy song, one that you will find your self playing again and again as you sing along.

Up next is one of two new tracks by Spilstar, “The Holy Truth.” This track does seem to overshadow the entire album as it stands out the most. Although I see this as being Spilstar’s next single following “Dignity.” What holds it back a bit is the fact that this track could have had a slightly cleaner sound. But, this is still a fairly good track dispite that and I believe that it would do well in a club setting.

The third track is a remix of “Dignity” by Technomancer, and in true Technomancer fashion, he makes this track for club play. With a thumping bass line and its dancy sound, Technomancer shows us once again why he is on his way to becoming a great remixer in the alternative electronic music scene. He took this track and completely transformed it to be a very dance and club friendly track.

The second remix following Technomancer comes from 64 Rockets, who gives us a chip tune remix. This is by far the most amazing version of this track as 64 Rockets breathes new life into “Dignity” and takes the listener on an amazing journey of sound. A refreshing chip tune remix that is best listened to while outdoors or sitting on a beach watching the ocean roll by. Chip tune music is a type of music most commonly made with two Gameboys and was very popular back in the 80′s but still lives on today.

Now if you got the high quality paid version you will have access to two additional tracks. The paid version of this CDM contains an alternative version of “Dignity” and a new song called “Zombie.” In the alternative version of “Dignity” you will first notice the intro is somewhat different than the single version. Also that the bass line has more kick to it in this version, and while instrumentally this song has its slight differences, vocally it is still the same.

We wrap up this CDM with another new song from Spilstar titled, “Zombie.” The songs lyrics are far from the upbeat sound in this track. While the song sings about a disappointment we can relate to, this is one you will be tapping your feet to. I am fairly certain that the feel of this track makes it radio friendly, I can’t see this being club friendly.

So we are treated to two new songs from Spilstar for those who have followed this artist from the Synthematik camp. “The Holy Truth” and “Zombie” are both very fresh and original tracks. This, along with some wonderful versions to “Dignity,” I rate this a solid 4 out of 5 stars. While a little more would could have been put into this release, this is one album worth picking up! I expect many good things from Spilstar and Kenneth Larsen, and as a fan of Synthpop, I can’t wait to hear more.

by DJ Dark Cloud

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