Systemshock – Virus-Electro (review @ Alternation)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 25.08.2010 | Style: Industrial / Electro / Alternative

Systemshock - Virus-electro (2010): Industrial / Electro / Alternative

Rating: 4,5 / 5

Virus-Electro the debut album of the Russian Project Systemshock, is an album with incredible mix of electro sounds and industrial atmospheres, from the beginning this band shows the quality of this album with strident guitars, aggressive drums and synthesizers that give us an idea of this album. Right Now is the track that this album starts, an aggressive track the riffs of the guitar are the best of this song, Shiftdelete is the second track the best option to continue this industrial travel. Liquid Crystal and You’re Fake I’m Real are the next songs, more experimental than the first two, again the guitar make a good work, but the synthesizers and the drums are more aggressive than the first track.

Rewire, a track with atmospheres more electronically and a texture more experimental, it’s like a instrumental song, for some moments reminds me a part of the movie Matrix, futurist mix on this song; No Resist, a track with an incredible beginning is an industrial song, the guitars and the drums are more potent and aggressive, the synthesizers give us a little taste of the next song, Fixed, the best song of the album the experimental side of this project is here, a perfect mix of industrial, electro and futurist chaos, reminds perfect a scene of a science fiction movie.

(Without) You, the next track show a mixture more complicated, the guitar, the drums and the synthesizers make an incredible work, the Electro Industrial sound is more potent and more aggressive on this song. Your Cell and Nothing is the best combination to finish this album, experimental sounds and technological atmospheres are present on these tracks, the end of the matrix is completed with four amazing remixes of the songs Fixed, No Resist and Your Cell(On the Exclusive edition), the Electro Industrial of Systemshock is not the like the other bands, is more experimental and it’s a perfect combination of chaotic and futurist atmospheres from the beginning to the end.

by Emmanuel Munioz

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