Systemshock – Virus-Electro (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 25.08.2010 | Style: Industrial / Electro / Alternative

Systemshock - Virus-electro (2010): Industrial / Electro / Alternative

Rating: 8 / 10

Systemshock is a brand new Russian band founded in 2009 and ‘Virus-Electro’ is their debut album released on Synthematik Records, where it is available digitally in low quality for free, or for just a couple of coins, you get it in a high quality. So the question is if you actually could get a great release… for free?

Holy crap yes, it can be done. ‘Virus-Electro’ is a great release best described probably as a mix between industrial techno with electro rock influences (more in some tracks, less in others). It’s like a mix between Combichrist and my old favourite electro rockers Orgy from back in the end of 90’s, and what a perfect blend it is, like a fine branded whisky a cold winter evening.

Even though some of the lyrics might needed some more work, since some of the words seem a little juvenile, they are delivered really well and with a great sense of honesty and aggression. The music is sharp, pounding and harsh with great highlighted melodies.

The only real downside with this album is the three remixes at the end of the album, they are pretty terrible actually, but the ten original tracks are all great. You should defiantly check out tracks like “Right Now”, “Shiftdelete”, “Liquid Crystal”, “Rewire” (some hardcore Orgy feeling to that one), “No Resist” and “Your Cell”.

Like I said, you can download the album for free on Synthematik Records homepage, but I suggest you pay for getting the high quality version, because this release has just been found guilty for being seriously ass kicking by the Court of Brutality.

by Patrik Lindström

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