Systemshock – Virus-Electro (review @ Grave Concerns E-zine)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 25.08.2010 | Style: Industrial / Electro / Alternative

Systemshock - Virus-electro (2010): Industrial / Electro / Alternative

Rating: 8 / 10

SystemShock are a 6 piece that attempts to blend EBM, Industrial, Electro and Rock into one neon heavy genre of fist pumping, foot stomping Electrorock.

This is their first full length album, and it is as bright and colourful as their artwork, with bright guitar riffage mixed with some mean sawtooth leads that provide an almost poppy montage of catchy club friendly songs.

Essentially, there is nothing particularly novel about what SystemShock do, effectively taking the kick, bass and lead from EBM and pairing it with the vocals and guitars of Rock music, but they do such a good job of it that its easy to let that slide.

Reminiscent of “Eurotrash” era Zeromancer, and perhaps some Early Celldweller, there are even nods to “Mechanical Animals” Manson, meaning that there are plenty of influences, which keeps their sound from getting too close to any one artist thankfully.

“Virus-Electro” offers a decent mixture of tempos and sounds in its 10 main tracks, without ever really deviating too far from their formula, but the high energy nature of their tracks mean that they pass you by pretty quickly before any boredom or resentment can set in.

Ultimately, the crunchy guitars, groovy use of lead synths and pounding kick provide all that you can ask from a band that is attempting to bring you a mesh of dance and rock, and there will be very few people disappointed by “Virus-Electro”.

by Steve Fearon

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