Systemshock – Virus-Electro (review @ Sputnikmusic)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 25.08.2010 | Style: Industrial / Electro / Alternative

Systemshock - Virus-electro (2010): Industrial / Electro / Alternative

Rating: 4,5 / 5

Just looking at Systemshock gives you an idea of what they’re music is going to sound like. I walked into Virus-Electro a bit skeptical because of this, but what I got back simply blew my mind. Not only is Virus-Electro amazing, but it is also a possible contender for album of the year! There is a perfect equilibrium between industrial and rock (although more bias for industrial :D ) and it just sounds so natural. The vocals are fantastic and original, very little screaming but plenty of distortion to make an aggro type of sound. Synth lines are excellent and do a brilliant job of driving each song while the guitars chug out the rhythm chords and sometimes even come out for a simple solo or two. I am very proud of these newcomers Systemshock for releasing such a brutal yet fun industrial album for the year 2010.

by Ali Ladhani

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