Various – Syntension Alpha (review by DJ Dark Cloud)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 23.08.2011 | Style: Industrial / Futurepop / Trance

Various - Syntension Alpha (2011): Industrial / Futurepop / Trance
A few days ago Russian net label, Synthematik, released their latest compilation album, “Syntension: Alpha,” a 13 track digital only album of instrumental Electro-Industrial tracks. I asked the label why they decided to put put an all instrumental album & this is what they had to say:

“Well, at some point I found out that I had a couple of cool instrumental tracks from our artists. So I simply wanted to share them with the world.”

And share they did! With a majority of this album consisting of previously unreleased, as well as exclusive album only tracks, Synthematik once again delivered. This 13 track album with pulse pounding tracks will seize control of your emotions & will make you dance with the lights off.

Synthematik raises the bar with this release as it takes us all to new rights with this album. Ensuring that we, the listeners, get nothing but the best, Synthematik proves once again that this is the net label to keep your eyes on. From Trance to Futurepop, Syntension provides a wide range of music styles from 13 talented artists.

From the first track, “20-07-64 (Arrival Version by Alpha Point)” by Alien2064 which will take you on an epic journey into space to, “Every Planet We Reach Is Dead (Instrumental Version)” by Dirty Bird 13 (which will pull on your heart strings with it’s raw power). This album will keep you going till the sun rises. But all journeys must come to an end & Systemshock brings you back with, “Nothing (Instrumental Version),” but they will leave you wanting more.

This digital album is a must have for the long time fans of Synthematik as well as those looking for something a bit different when it comes to Trance, Industrial, Futurepop, & Dark-Electro. Be sure to go & visit Synthematik’s Bandcamp page to purchase this album in 320kbps high quality for only $4.99. You won’t regret it.

DJ Dark Cloud

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